Hollie Pollard

Hi All,

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Sometimes you just have to begin again.

Hollie Pollard

I have been writing online for 20 years.

In March of 2001 I wrote my first blog post on now-defunct MSN spaces, I moved from there to Xanga and then to Blogspot, and then 13 years ago I bought the domain commoncentsmom.com. It would be my home for just over 11 years. I sold the blog in 2019 and it is now part of the Groovewallet family.

While building my previous blog I concentrated on leading conversations around money that made sense and was grateful that my old blog helped many Canadian families. It was great to host many a Twitter chat, Facebook Live, and Instagram conversation. I worked with many brands and loved the opportunities they gave me to help others know more, do better and talk about tough topics like personal finance, health, mental health, and supporting family members with special needs.

Little did I know that a pandemic would hit and it would change my life. I am sure it changed many Canadian lives. More and more Canadian families need resources and places where real conversations happen.

I got sick in March of 2020 and stayed sick for most of the year. In 2021 the brain fog and exhaustion are finally lifting and its time to get back to having real conversations about things that matter to Canadian families especially women over 40,

Work wise.

I have also worked as a community manager, content creator, social media manager, and managed many influencer campaigns. You can call me an OG in the online space. If you have a project or gig that needs a common-sense touch, I am the person you want on your team. My online work had me working with several global companies, 4 Canadian start-ups, and even a health care company.

Want to reach out?

Email me at: info@holliepollard.com